4 Fascinating Ways Wealthy Families Are Protecting Against The Next Financial Crisis

(plus simpler and easier alternatives you should consider)

01.07.2015    BY KELLY BROWN

Without much fanfare, it appears some of America’s wealthiest families are quietly preparing for America’s next big financial crisis.

In fact, a quick look at how the rich are protecting their fortune may signal that it’s time for regular folks like you and me to do the same. For example,

1. Kyle Bass (Founder and principal of Hayman Capital Management)

Best known for successfully predicting the crisis of 2007, Kyle Bass reportedly made half a billion dollars betting against subprime obligations.

What’s he doing now? Well, the Texan owns a 41,000 square foot ranch house outside of Dallas stacked with semi-automatic weapons (latest issue U.S. army sniper rifles with infrared scope) and tons of gold and platinum bars. Bass is on record telling his own mother, “You need physical gold” for when the next crisis hits.

2. Jim Rogers (Businessman, Investor, Author, Net Worth: $300 M)

The legendary investor co-founded the Quantum Fund, which gained 4,200% in 10 years, according to the Financial Times.

Rogers recently told Yahoo! Finance, “What’s happening in the world right now is a gigantic artificial ocean of liquidity. All of the world’s central banks are printing huge amounts of money...we’re all going to suffer very, very badly.”

In a recent interview, Rogers said: “If you have money in the financial system and the financial system collapses, even though you may have done nothing wrong—you may suffer because somebody else did something wrong.”

To protect his wealth and his family, Rogers moved his wife and two young daughters from the United States to Singapore. He says, “In my view… my heirs are going to be much better off in the next 100 years.”

3. The Walton Family (Founders of Wal-Mart Stores Inc., Net Worth: $144 B)

It’s no secret that the Walton Family, founders of Wal-Mart, is one of the richest in the world.

But here’s something most Americans don’t know that: According to Business Insider, the family has spent money amassing huge collections of art and real estate – both hard assets which typically increase in value during periods of economic turmoil.

Also: The family built a massive razor-wired concrete bunker in Bentonville, Arkansas, shortly after September 11th. The bunker, complete with a helicopter pad, could be used as shelter in the event of just about any crisis.

But, what can you do if you’re not one of the wealthiest people in the country...but still want to protect yourself and your family?
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Well, one multimillionaire from Maryland has a slightly different take on the situation.

In fact, he says you don’t need a concrete bunker. You don’t need to move your family overseas. And you probably don’t need to go through the hassles of opening a foreign bank account.

That’s because there are many much simpler, easier, and cheaper steps you can take, many of which are right here in America.

That’s why this multimillionaire, who runs one of the world’s largest financial research firms, recently put all the important steps into a 107-pg guidebook, blueprint and owner’s manual.

It’s the only thing you need to learn how to protect yourself your family in the years to come.

Best of all, you can claim a copy FREE of charge. All he’s asking is that you pay $5 to cover the costs of delivering this 107-page Guidebook to your door

In it, you’ll find everything you need to know to protect yourself physically and financially...including:

  • The world’s best asset in a time of crisis—this has nothing to do with precious metals. It has soared over 1,000% since 1992 without a single down year.
  • The three assets you legally DO NOT have to report to the gov’t (very useful)
  • Two super-dangerous investments most Americans own right now.
  • A secret paper “currency” used by the world’s wealthiest people. It allows you to freely move money completely outside of the banking system.
  • The radical step one New Orleans neighborhood took to protect their homes and families after Hurricane Katrina
  • And much, much more.

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