Pentagon Insider Details: 7 Things Every American Must Own in Coming Currency Crisis

01.07.2015    BY MIKE PALMER

A Washington, DC insider has issued a major warning that could dramatically affect ALL U.S. citizens, but would hit seniors and retirees particularly hard.

This warning comes from one of the most well-connected men in America… a Pentagon insider, and an expert in national security and economics.

His name is Jim Rickards.

Rickards is a financial lawyer with a doctorate and multiple advanced degrees. He serves as an advisor to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, which oversees the CIA, the NSA, and 14 other U.S. intelligence agencies.

And he probably knows more than anyone else in America about the inner workings of the government, the economy, and the U.S. banking system. That’s why he…

  • Was involved in negotiating the release of the American hostages held in Iran in 1981.
  • Helped the CIA investigate the stock market "tells" that preceded 9/11, when al-Qaeda associates bet against airline stocks before the attacks.

In short, Jim Rickards sees some big, major changes ahead for the United States.

In fact, he’s predicting a complete collapse of the international monetary system.

But… and this is important…

Jim Rickards says—it’s not the end of America and certainly not the end of the world. Rickards explains that we’ve had these types of currency collapses three times already in the past century.

Now, it’s about to happen again.

And you absolutely must know how to adjust your finances.

Jim Rickards says that’s why he just wrapped up a brand new “playbook” for this collapse. In it, he lays out exactly what’s happening with the U.S. Currency System, all the warning signs for the approaching collapse -- and why it’s critical to prepare.

This is especially important for Seniors and retirees, who depend so much on their savings and investment income.

Jim Rickards’ new book is called “The Death of Money”, and it provides incredibly helpful and unique tips for protecting your wealth.

Even better, Jim Rickards has worked with one publishing house on a unique way for you to get a copy of his new book free of charge… instead of spending nearly $20 (plus shipping) on Amazon.

As an added bonus, as part of this deal, Jim Rickards created a special “Missing Chapter” to his new book. This "Missing Chapter," which is not available anywhere else, details seven (7) specific assets he recommends Americans buy right away, and exactly how to get them.

For the full story, and to claim your free copy of Jim Rickards’ new book, go here.

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